Heads Up: Yellowstone Backcountry Fees

announced last week

What you need to know:

- Any person obtaining a permit to stay overnight in the backcountry between Memorial Day and September 10th will be subject to a $3 per person, per night fee for all individuals over the age of nine.

- Groups of 5 or more will pay just $15 per night.

- This applies to boaters and backpackers alike.

- Stock users will be charged $5.00 per-person, per night.

- Visitors may purchase an annual backcountry pass for $25, which will cover the $3 fee for the calendar year of the pass.

Why? Because even though backcountry users don't need many facilities, there are still administrative and maintenance things required since Yellowstone is just so popular. This should defray that cost.

The rules about advanced reservations haven't changed, but here's a recap:

- The advanced reservation fee remains $25 for trips reserved more than two nights in advance.

- Reservations are currently being accepted for backcountry trips for 2015.

- Applications submitted prior to April 1 are processed in random order by lottery.

- Reservations received after April 1 are processed in the order in which they are received.

Go here to submit your reservation.

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