R.I.P to all inocent souls

Many have begged, many plead

Please set my brothers and sisters free

We ended the hanging of blacks on trees

Put an end to the Salem Witch Hunts

But took thousands of lives for the natives land without a grunt

Trail of tears such a shameful moment bestowed upon the United States

A nation in which grants you freedom concealed by gates

A nation that believes in human rights, but funds savages with barbaric intentions

A nation that has flicked their finger to the first domino trick, causing all around tension

Country after country The United States have knocked down

All in favor of power..a sinful crown

innocent lives taken away every day

Then when encountered by this unethical act they lie to have us astray

Falsely accusing and blindly pointing fingers at other religions and nations

When will they see we are all Gods creations!

Again I only seek to unravel the truth to these lifeless eyes

In regards to all innocent lives lost but resting in the skies

Such a tragedy and even more tragic to say

That the news is quick to speak with fey and not give them or anyone else the time of day

But is a mistake made on their end because it was the silence that spoke louder

little did they know combined together were stronger

trying to mislead, but really uniting

unraveling the truth with knowledge, no fighting.

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