Extreme Speed Dating Prank

Ford invited a group of guys to go on a blind date with a beautiful woman. What they didn’t realize is that she is also a professional stunt driver. After chatting at a coffee shop, she took the guys for a drive in her Ford Mustang. At first, she pretended to be an inexperienced stick shift driver. When the guys least expected it, she showed off what she and the Mustang can do in an empty parking lot. Their reactions are hilarious!

Suckers, they had no idea what was about to happen.

No confidence in the lady's driving, that will change soon!

She decides to 'turn around' in a parking lot.

This turn is going differently than expected.

....much differently...

Looks like a lot of fun though, I'd let her drive me around in that Mustang!

All in all a few hurt egos and some burnt rubber. Not too shabby

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