Odd Sympathy by Alana Celii

Interpreting and attempting to understand the strange, yet beautiful surroundings of both the familiar and unfamiliar. Alana Celii's photographs explore place in a very interesting way. This body of work somehow falls between the fleeting moments and the illuminated experience. Although the photographs are unusual, it is in someway relatable to the everyday stories that play out in our own personal lives.

Here is what Alana says about her work:

"The notion of home exists within the realm of the comfortable and familiar. It is often relating to feelings of domesticity and cannot only represent a physical space, but also a time. The homely describes the sensation of when one feels at home, but also can be defined as ugliness. Often, the true home is repressed and hidden through the guise of comfort or idealized perfection."
"However, when hidden details about the home are revealed, one experiences a sense of the uncanny. As a consequence of photographing, what was to remain secret about this environment has now been unearthed."
"Through the exploration of my own personal moments, details that usually go unnoticed are uncovered."
"This minutia conveys the beauty in the forgotten and the ignored."
"It is the instance where everything feels foreign and familiar at the same time; thus resulting in the sensation of the uncomfortably strange."
"The eeriness and naiveté in the hope of the home is the underlying narrative within the imagery."
My name is Kevin. I love art a little too much. I'm a freelance photographer but in my off time I'm usually on here talking about art!
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