Possession Showing Off App for World’s Famous Celebrities – ‘envicase’

By New York Fashion Today | February 17, 2015 — 02:00PM


As soon as fashion bloggers like Bryan Boy and Man Repeller started using the app, the trend hunters of New York began reacting.


immediately positioned itself as a major playground for shopaholics who have been experiencing pain on existing platforms due to its overly commercialized contents, lack of useful information and reviews, and absence of meaningful connection with one another. The fashion people also selected the app as one of the “

Fashion Apps You’ve Got To Download

” during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York FW’15.

The hidden shopping information instantaneously pops up when the ‘ENVY’ is pressed on each one of the fashion items. What is even more interesting is that the viewers can catch unbiased reviews and stories from real people instead of cold commercial information. Even the celebrities freely and honestly share their private shopping information. The aggravation of not being able to find the necessary shopping information when spotting attractive items on Instagram and Facebook no longer exists because it has been completely resolved through the simple ‘ENVY' feature.

Supposedly, the showing off tribes get maximum exposure and the recognition they deserve and the shopaholics get most original and fresh shopping information with minimum effort. Perhaps because birds of a feather flock together, instead of being treated like bad snobs on existing social media spaces, the users are sensing a different atmosphere. Professor Dunbar of Oxford University once said, "Most of the people have the natural instinct to show off their purchases because they want to be recognized by others that their purchasing decision was the best decision.” The users now have a major global platform to satisfy this basic instinct and with the new expectation that people can be connected emotionally though the items they own, the third wave of social media market is anticipated. App Store:

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By New York Fashion Today | February 17, 2015 — 02:00PM

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