Make Your Own Tarp Out of a Bedsheet

While you can buy a cheap tarp for around $13 (and that's at the pricey end), they're waterproof, protect you from the sun, can do a number of other things, and if you get an 8' x 10' they weight about 1.3lbs.

While that may seem light, there are those who want it to be even lighter. And so, there is a DIY method you can use to do that! Using a bed sheet and silicon it's possible.

You'll need to pick up:

- a bed sheet!

- 30 oz mineral spirits

- 10 oz silicon sealant (usually used with a caulk gun)

1. Mix the mineral spirits and silicon sealant together in a 5oz bucket.

2. Stick the bedsheet in and swirl it around!

3. Once covered, hang the sheet on a clothesline to dry.

4. Voila!

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