Annie, her rose so brightly blooms

Annie; her rose so brightly blooms

I know the drill.

I’ve been here before,

although I'm not happy

to be here, once more.

- her rose so brightly blooms.

She spoke to me,

that first time we met.

‘Take me home with you

and see what you get.'

'In the rain and the sun,

with the wind in our hair ,

we’ll play and have fun,

chase butterflies in the air’

She came home that day.

and I must say,

Annie, always gets her way

I took notice her shyness

bore creative expression.

In solitude, her highness,

gave glorious confession.

‘What new adventure

do you have in store for me?

What magic will you

open my eyes to see?’

It was then that I saw,

‘she’s hearing god's breath.’

Watched a Rose, in awe,

as it sung life from death.

God whispers to the Rose,

'bloom in the light,

your harmonies compose

let your music take flight’.

In such company, I'm left to ponder.

My mind and soul get up and wander,

with questions about this or that,

all surrounding this mystical cat.

And in the end, what will remain,

more beautiful than when she came,

possesses love that all consumes,

her blossom, her rose, so brightly blooms.

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