It's The Thought That Kills.

Wait, i have an idea! No wait, i have a thought. Oh no, not that thought. Please, oh please, not that thought. Why not?! You seem to be growing used to it day by day! But what if it's something having to do with what was said to me, what if it was something that was done to me, what if things get better, what if things get worse. Grow the fuck up, Sidney, you know exactly what's wrong with you, why think about it even more, why kill yourself over thoughts that won't even be considered. She is what i want, she was everything i hoped and dreamed for, something i was waiting for to stumble into my life by mistake and staying by choice. You ruined it stop thinking! you'll get us both killed! So what if I die?! So what if I leave and never come back there isn't much for me to stay for, she left and that is like losing all the oxygen that is given to you. SIDNEY! What? Stop thinking please, there is still hope. There is no hope. What if she's moved on, i mean it's obvious that she has. Memories hit me like a semi when i saw the two of you in the back, exactly the same spot. Twice! Fucking TWICE! History repeats itself Sidney, you should already know that, you don't need to worry. I love her! I love her, i swear i do, and i would do anything, anything to get her back. I hope you're reading this. I miss you, I love you, and I want nothing more than you. Sidney, stop.

I wouldn't be able to fit what i want you guys to know on here.
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