Presto Allegro

How did it all happen? Her lawyer says that she have to get the facts and dates right, because she will be certainly asked to tell the story in much detail, but she just can't remember exactly. She was never too good with dates and numbers. It was 1965, she thinks. She was on a world tour with some company that was not very important. At that time she participated in several projects. Artists often have to do that, to make a living. She can't remember how exactly but the tour stopped abruptly. They probably ran out of money... what else could it be? Somehow she found herself staying in Israel. She opened a small studio in Haifa, but pretty soon she made a name for herself and she could open a bigger studio in Tel Aviv. It was the first studio to bring RAD standards, and the RAD examinations to Israel. How she is going to tell what happened next, is the key for the whole thing. If she wants to save her life's enterprise, she has to get it straight. "Please Jeannette, you must understand", her lawyer says to her, "Our only chance is to bring them to settle out of court, and they will only do that if they will fear that certain unpleasant things will be said on record". She knows he is right, but it is very difficult for her to adopt herself to this courthouse strategy based outlook on her own life. She comes from a family where honesty and integrity are the utmost values, and she feels that her lawyer wants her to lie to the court, because it wasn't like that at all. There was nothing unpleasant or obscene about it. It was a brave partnership and a friendship that, if it is to be ashamed of then what has this world come to? "I'm tired", she says, "and I need some time to think about it. Let's continue tomorrow."

God gave me a pen and asked me what do I want to write. I am still writing the answer.
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