American Idol Top 6 Takes on Queen: Recap-Part 2

Jessica Sanchez kicked off the night by performing Bohemian Rhapsody---Crazy, I know. Normally this is one of the closing songs at any Karaoke night, but to start off the night with it is quite a risk by the producers. Completely wrong song choice. The epic cliche of American Idol. She was flat nearly the entire song and sang with no emotion. Complete waste, which is sad b/c I really like her :( The strangest part of the performance was that they tried to recreate the Bohemian Rhapsody video with Jessica--it was so bad that it was good. You can clearly tell that the judges are trying to bolster her up b/c no one, not even Jessica fans could compliment that performance. Judges comments: Steven: Freddie would have been proud to hear that. Jlo: You sounded beautiful singing that song, needed more rock performance, Randy - I loved it. You used that great restraint. You changed yourself. Great Channel a little Tina Turner. (Clearly they are all blind and deaf). Next up is Skylar.

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