The Academy Awards: My Top Musical Moment

The Academy Awards just happened, and while Tegan and Sara's 'Everything is Awesome" performance was a laugh, I wanted to share my all-time favorite Oscars performance today.

Anyone who lived through 1998 (yes, I was there) knows that it was the year of "Titanic."

The James Cameron epic made box office history and walked away with practically all of the top awards at the Oscars that year including "Best Original Song," for Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On."

While this wasn't the most moving performance, it has got to be my favorite song to ever come out of a film soundtrack. I have yet to have another original song hit me harder than those few opening notes of "My Heart Will Go On."

Also, can we appreciate the fact that Celine is wearing a Heart of the Ocean-lookalike necklace that she probably swan to the ocean floor for just to make her stage more dramatic? If this song doesn't move you to tears, or at least close to tears, then you clearly need to watch Titanic a few more times.

Please forgive the poor was the dark ages.

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