Lush Reception, Yet Nothing Over-The-Top

Keeping to your tablescape budget and getting it to look good can be achieved when you are collaborating with a good designer that knows your needs, budget constraints, and style/theme.

You can see here that the couple decided to go with navy blue, gold and fuchsia lighting. Combined with a few elements on the table, this dining table looks lush without going overboard.

The candles do most of the work as they provide the warm glow in gold flecked holders. The flowers, consisting of roses, dahlias, hydrangeas, queen anne's lace, among other seasonal flowers (for filler) rested upon chandelier-style candle sticks. Again, the design was round and simple and at an elevation so as not to obstruct views of people across the table.

Budget Bottom-line:

$60 Flowers

$20 Candles

$100 Tableware (rented)

$50 Misc (20% of itemization)

= $300 (per table)

Considering you have 15 tables at $300 each, that's $4,500, which is less than $5000. Remember, your tablescape budget should account for 10 percent of your wedding budget. It's okay to go higher, but you must make adjustments elsewhere.

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