The Stars In Your Eyes

I could play around with the letters in the alphabet and still manage to see your name. I could listen to a thousand songs and here your name in every verse. I could count the stars and see your eyes in the distance looking back at me. One to many times has your taste made itself known upon my lips. One too many times has your name came across my mind like the thought of how great it's gonna be to climb back into my bed. I could here your name being played on repeat in the back of my head. See, when i think about you i can do it all, everything i've hoped and dreamed of. See, when i was holding you i was protecting the world, like i carried a million lives. See, I heard a song being played over and over, and the only melody i could hear was your name. It was the melody that gets stuck in your head for awhile, only this time it's stuck for good. I wanna say that i won't forget, so, Hailey, I won't forget. I got the memory of us locked and ready to share. To my mother, my father, my grandparents and siblings. How great of a person you were how you always had my back and i had yours,how you made me so happy i could not keep it in. I looked at you and saw a million lifetimes and couldn't have agreed more. I kissed you and felt like my soul had lit itself on fire and i couldn't have agreed more. I lost you and my heart lost itself in a thousand thoughts of you, and i wouldn't agree more. It hurts so much, i mask it behind a wall of pride, because i don't want you to see me broken and defeated, i want you to see that i am on top of the world and taking control. I will be the one to say i've had enough. I've had enough, of being told i'm like every other guy, when i know it isn't true, i'll be the judge. I've had enough of the hurt that i've been feeling since i had learned what loss was. I've had enough of your lies! Tell me you miss me, tell me you think about me like i think about you. Because i am always think about you. count the stars, from the day you left me to the last star you can count is how long I've been thinking about you. It isn't healthy, but i can't help myself, because you left those there for me, in my head each star represents how much i love you, and my love is endless. So says the stars, look at me so i can feel like i was right. i love you. i do.

I wouldn't be able to fit what i want you guys to know on here.
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