Gorgeous Finger Waves Tutorial

Don't you agree there's something about waves that's so classy and romantic? This retro-inspired finger waves is suitable for medium or long hair. You'll need a 1.5 inch curling iron to achieve this slightly loose but sculpted wave. Give this style a try on your big night out!

(swipe image to right for curling demonstration)

1. Prep your hair and make sure the strands are detangle. Then section your horizontally. You'll be working from the bottom to top. Take an 1 inch section, wrap the strand around your curling iron starting from the root all the way to the tip. Hold for about 7 seconds (a little longer for coarse hair, a little shorter for finer hair).

2. Release hair from the curling iron. Starting from the tip, wrap the strand around two fingers until the curl is near the scalp. Secure with a clip or pin.

3. Use the same method for your whole hair. Once you reach the top that you clipped out of the way, divide horizontally work with 1-inch section. Pin-curl each piece from front to back (this help create volume at the crown).

4. Once all your hair is up in pin curls set the hair with hairspray. Then starting from the bottom to top (section by section) start removing the pins. You can take this chance to apply a few dabs of serum to add shine. As you work, rake through curls lightly with your fingers, spritz with hairspray, and go over gently with a flat paddle brush. For volume, back-comb each section at the roots.

All done!

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