Important News: Wasting Time Can Improve Your Life

Sleep when you're dead, am I right?

No. I am not right. There are times to be busy and hardworking and doing, but what about the time that you "waste," the time that you take for yourself?

I am not talking about scrolling through Facebook instead of writing that research paper, but there are some genuinely positive "time wasters" that can seriously improve your life!

1. Sleep - It's more important than you give it credit for.

Pulling all-nighters for that final exam may get you a few more percentage points, but in the long run this is a really unhealthy decision. All of those things that we stay up for: the gym, the social life, the school work, will be much better enjoyed with a healthy night's sleep. You want to be smarter, physically fit, and not look like something straight out of the Walking Dead? Studying can wait; go to bed.

2. Eat Slower

I spent the majority of my meals my senior year of college on the go. Smoothie in the car, sandwich on the way to another class, and dinner at my desk at my part time job. Do you know how incredible it is to take your time eating a meal? To enjoy - and even taste - the food going into your mouth? Take that extra 20 minutes and enjoy your meal.

3. Pursue Your Hobbies

You want to crochet? Crochet! If you enjoy painting, make time for painting. If you enjoy badminton, make time for badminton. Diversify your talents, even if it’s something weird like playing every Lady Gaga song on the harmonica. Take time to let yourself grow.

4. Go Out of Your Way for Others

Your time is precious, but giving it to others occasionally is a great way to spread kindness. If you see an old lady having trouble carrying her groceries, go help her! The same goes for the friend who needs help running an errand.

5. Smell the Roses

You don't have to be moving at a mile a minute every day. Have some time to do absolutely nothing. No agenda, no reasons, just relax. Go out for a walk. Spend time with family. Catch a movie with friends. Do more things that make you happy. Sometimes we all just need to breath, breathe, breathe, and take a break.

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