Superheroes Are Real

Just in case you needed your faith in humanity restored, here are some awesome window washers who dress up as superheroes to cheer up the patients at the Children's Hostital in Le Bonheur, Memphis, Tennessee. The hospital treats about 250,000 kids from all across the country with all different ailments every year.

“The kids always come up to the window and ask us, ‘Are you Spiderman?’” said Steve Oszaniec, a 23-year employee of the American National Skyline window cleaning company. “So I came up with the idea of, ‘Why don’t we just show up as Spiderman?’”

“We just went there, put them on and went up,” Oszaniec said. “They [hospital staff] brought a lot of the kids to the little family room there so they could see us. It was unbelievable. They just totally forgot they were sick for a minute. They were just ecstatic about it.”

Hospital administrators say what Oszaniec and his colleagues did was, all jokes aside, truly heroic.

“When a child’s mind gets off their pain and their sickness, it makes them heal, it makes them relax and it helps them recover and get better quicker.”

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