Tu Hai Ki Nahi (Beautiful Song)

English Translation

Tu Hai Ke Nahi: Lyrics Translation | Roy

Movie: Roy

Music: Ankit Tiwari

Lyrics: Sandeep Nath

Singer: Ankit Tiwari

Okay this is a bit of cheating. I heard a couple of lines and loved them and I thought I should share it and so here it goes.

Mujh se hi aaj mujhko mila de,

dekhoon aadaton mein tu hai ke nahi

Har saans se poochh ke bataa de

Inke faaslon mein tu hai ki nahi

main aas paas tere aur mere paas..

tu hai ke nahi..

tu hai ki nahi...

One that can make me meet myself

come, let me see if you're in my habits or not,

Ask every breath and tell me

Whether you are there in their differences or not..

I am close to you and close to me

Whether you are or not..

Whether you are there or not...

Daudte hain khwaab jin pe raasta wo tu lage

Neend se jo aankh ka hai waasta wo tu lage

Tu badalta waqt koi khushnumaa saa pal mera

Tu wo lamha jo na thehre aane waala kal mera

You seem to be the path on which my dreams run,

you seem to be the relationship that is there between sleep and the eyes

You're the changing time some happy moment of mine

You're the moment that does not stop, my tomorrow..

Main aas-paas tere aur mere paas..

Tu hai ke nahi

Tu hai ki nahi...

In labon pe jo hansi hai inki tu hi hai wajah

Bin tere main kuch nahi hoon mera hona bewajah

Dhoop teri na pade to dhundhla sa main lagoon

Aake saansein de mujhe tu taaki zinda Main rahoon

The smile that is there on my lips, you're the reason for it

I'm nothing without you, my existence is useless

If your sunshine doesn't fall on me, I seem to be dull

Come, give me breaths, so that I remain alive..

Main aas-paas tere aur mere paas...

Tu hai ki nahi

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this song is by far the best, bollywood music is superb as it is I love it I hope you all will like it 2 Enjoy Everyone. :)

All credit to the actual owner I am just sharing and spreading the love. :)

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