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I just found this latest article on Kanye West and his apology to Beck. We have all been discussing it here and giving our opinions. As more continues to unfold I am sure we will have more opinions. I would have thought before behaving as he did he would have known all the music and would have had a better informed opinion being a music mogul. I'll simply state that to be respected you must also respect others. And oopsy Kanye seems to lack respect for others in the music industry who whether he feels they are or not the fans and the industry have determined they are the best either for the award at that time or in general. Taylor Swift, Beck and who by the way has been around a lot longer and is well respected by the industry and his fans especially for his genre, and Bruno Mars well he is well beyond the talents of Kanye West! I do like that the interview questions if Kanye is changing? Well, I hope so and for the better. I really like and appreciate Kanye and have since he was young. But I am over this fiasco. Time for everyone to move onto a new story line! This is now old news! Here is the story from NBC online: The softer side of Kanye West? Rapper breaks down in tears during interview. Published by: Ree HinesTODAY contributor 18 hours ago When Kanye West feels strongly about something, he doesn't hold back. Just ask Taylor Swift. (Or Beck.) But not every strong emotion from the rapper results in a controversial outburst. West has a softer side, too, and he had it on full display Thursday. Warning: The following clip contains strong language. (See attachment for clip.) First there was his interview with BBC Radio 1, in which West spoke openly about his friend and fashion mentor, Louise Wilson, who died last year — so openly, in fact, that he broke down in tears (at 26:22). "I didn't know we were going to lose her," he said after sharing a story about their last meeting. "She told me, she said, you know, 'Thank you for the times where I came to performances,' and this has like really meant a lot to me with ...'" (Photo of Kanye West see attachment.) Image: Kanye West BBC Radio 1 / YouTube That's when the tears started. Interviewer Zane Lowe recommended they take a break, and when West returned he said, "That's never happened to me in an interview before." And that wasn't the only first from West. In another interview, with Power 105.1, he admitted he was wrong for criticizing Beck's recent Grammy win. He gave finally gave Beck's "Morning Phase" a listen (during dinner with Taylor Swift!) and he had a change of heart. "I was like, 'Man, this is kinda good; I'm not even gonna lie!'" he declared. Then he took it one step further and issued a public apology. Once West's goodwill train was rolling, there was no stopping it. He even took time out to apologize to Bruno Mars, whom he didn't always admire. Is this a whole new West? Only time will tell. Follow Ree Hines on Google+. http://nbcnews.to/1GzDHoM

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