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I look around me, I see what is not the same, I see the flames burning in my heart, I want to throw gasoline to make the stream of fire spread quick, ultimately spreading hatred through out my body, but I can't because something deep inside of me that wants to put out the blaze and think deeply about the situation at hand, the level of seriousness, is it worth it? Am I really that furious? Maybe I need to relax and chill for a minute, Pain hurts a lot but not enough for me to self destruct and destroy what I got built in the process while my circuit to my happiness has been killed, so how about this? Stop....Think....Move....A day at a time, taking baby steps as I dust off myself from the pain and proceed to recovering the one thing that let me live, my happiness and peace in mind, for there are places in life where things can go bleak within a heartbeat, but there are also places in life where the light shines bright like a football field, now I see where I am at, I shall go on and leave this pain where it's at and begin my journey

A college student with the idea of spreading love and peace throughout the context of words.
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