Unconditional Love

A narrative poem written several years back that I thought might be fun to share now. It's a bit long, but I hope you enjoy it :)

Darkness, then light!

As I broke through the shell.

Would I survive?

Only time would tell.

Where was the see?

The waves on the shore?

All I could feel,

Was the sand, nothing more.

I began to shuffle,

Over dunes and hurdles,

Tiny and free,

A newborn turtle.

And what was that sound?

The cry...of a bird?

Help me! Oh ocean,

Have you heard?

Help me! What's that?

The cry was gone.

There was a boy.

"Go on. Go on."

And then I was headed,

Towards surf and spray.

The boy started to wave.

"Goodbye! Good day!"

From that moment on,

It was the beginning of ,

Something deep and lasting,

My very first love.

Life went on,

And my siblings all swam,

Into the sea,

Away from the land.

But I could not leave,

My savior, my dear,

So I stayed by the coast,

Hoping he'd come near.

Many people, indeed,

Came to swim.

But none of the people,

Were ever him.

Finally I decided,

To let him be.

And swam the other way,

Out into the sea.

But alas not a week,

Had passed me yet,

When my fins were locked,

Trapped in a net.

The net was let free,

And left me to die,

For I could not swim,

Nor could I try.

And die I would have,

Had one not saved me,

And it was none other,

None other than he.

From that day on,

I lived in a tank.

Had I not been saved,

I would have sank.

Many faces,

Would greet me from then.

Point and smile,

At me in my pen.

Yet he came to visit,

Every night.

We'd play in the water,

Until there was light.

And then one day,

He disappeared,

Not for one week,

But for three years.

At long last I saw him,

When three turned to four.

But he wasn't alone,

There were two more.

He hugged the one,

With the long hair.

And held the one,

With the tiny stare.

Though into my pool,

He never again came.

I still loved him,

All the same.

The years went on,

And I continued to swim.

But I couldn't say,

The same for him.

His hair grew white,

And glasses he wore,

And I wondered if I,

Was becoming a chore.

And then when I thought,

I'd lost him for good,

He came to my water,

Nearby, he stood.

And we played like before,

Only by the land.

And into the water,

He dipped his hand.

And then I knew,

As he patted my head,

That he loved me too,

No words need be said.

That was the last,

I ever saw of him.

The next people who came,

All sang a hymn.

People still pointed,

and laughed with a smile.

But I watched for him,

Waiting all the while.

Then one day my vision,

Began to blur.

My heart slowing down,

I could no longer endure.

I wished I had seen him,

Right before he'd gone,

When he suddenly appeared,

Saying, "Go on, go on..."

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