Celebrity Product Taste Test: Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Dough" Ice Cream

Late Night Snack

Last week, Ben & Jerry's announced a whole new flavor collaboration with 'The Tonight Show' called The Tonight Dough, and without even knowing exactly what was in it, I hunted a pint down within two days of its release to be one of the first to review the new flavor for all of you. That's right. I'm eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream for breakfast just for you guys. Acknowledge my sacrifice.

The Packaging: 4/5

First off, can I say that it took three different supermarkets just to find this flavor in stock? Apparently there's other celebrity product nerds out there in my community. Secondly, I like this packaging a lot better than Late Night Snack's, but I kind of wanted something more from a popular comedian. Next time, he should be doing something funny. Like wear a sombrero. Or ride a llama. Or ride a llama while wearing a sombrero. Instead, he's just sort of holding onto an oversized ice cream cone like he's off to pass the torch. It's a little basic.

I did not actually read what ice cream flavor this was until I bought it, but I've got to say that I'm pleased. The description reads: "Caramel & Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Swirl & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Peanut Butter Cookie Dough". My first thought was SO. MUCH. DOUGH. No wonder this is called The Tonight 'Dough'. My second thought was "Oh hey, this is Fair Trade again." Way to be on your ethnics game, Ben & Jerry's.

Reading the back, I found out part of the proceeds of The Tonight Dough's sales will be donated to SeriousFun Children's Network, a non-profit who has opened a series of global camps for children with serious illnesses. If the 16 grams of fat per serving made me feel a little bad about eating this, knowing some of the money I spent on this will be donated to charity had me going, "16 grams? Hey, why not.."

The Price: 4/5

I would have given this a 3/5 if the ice cream wasn't on sale the day that I bought it. Traditionally, here in California, a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream easily sets you back around $5, which is a little ridiculous considering the fact you can go slightly further down the aisle to buy double the amount of ice cream for about half the price. However, it was on sale for around $3.50 when I bought it, so Albertsons, you're been spared my crankiness.

The Taste: 4/5

YOU GUYS, THIS WAS SO GOOD. I am a huge fan of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked, which is a swirl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with globs of chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie bites, and this definitely tasted exactly like it, but with a few new tricks up its sleeve. The peanut butter cookie dough was probably the only thing keeping it from tasting exactly like Half Baked, which is a good thing if you love Half Baked and a bad thing if you were expecting something completely new and different from Ben & Jerry's. Because of that, I'm giving it a 4/5 even though it was definitely a 5/5 flavorwise.

Overall Score: B (80%)

Ulimately, this ice cream is really, really delicious, but I wish Ben & Jerry's would have gotten a little more outside of its comfort zone. The last Jimmy Fallon flavor had chocolate-covered potato chips, which wasn't anything any of the flavors in the Ben & Jerry's flavor graveyard had as an ingredient before. As far as creativity goes, cookie dough ice cream is a little played out. However, I'm still very okay with this. Now ignore me while I finish eating this entire pint in front of my TV.

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