Gestalt Photography - "A Break from Work"

There is truth in candid moments... little slices of time where your subject remains unaware of you and your camera. My portrait subjects are often inside their own minds; caught up in the truth of moments which when spread out make their day. I call it "Gestalt Photography" - I never look to create the story being told; instead I trust my instincts to guide me to the proper moment where a story can be revealed.

A dedicated young equestrian takes a break on hay bales in the shade of a barn during a long-day's training.

I was there to shoot photos of the training but found this little moment of quiet reflection spoke so much more about this serious young lady's personality than the overly practiced and reflexive smile she forced any time she noticed my camera pointed in her direction.

Over the years I've discovered that the best portraits are unplanned. They are the micro-expressions caught between frames, when my subject forgets about me or the camera and they let their guard down.

I'm a director of photography (cinema), commercial illustrator, & Nikon Professional Photographer. I'm the Founder of - Cyclists Against Coronary Artery Disease.
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