The Rajput (literally "king's son") are members of one of the major Hindu Kshatriya (warrior) groups,who also live in Rajasthan Haryana Bihar Jammu&kashmir Dessa Dodacity Punjab. They enjoy a reputation as fear some warriors; many of them still serve in the Indian Armed Forces (in the 'Rajput Regiment' ), and a number of people with Rajput ancestry serve in the Pakistani Armed Forces as well. Five out of 10 of the Nishan e haider ( Pakistan's highest military decoration) have been awarded to Rajputs.  Their homeland(s), now known as Rajasthan , in Northwest India made them the first line of defense from western invasions by Arabs, Turks, Afghans and Northern invaders like the Mongols. The Rajputs originated from Rajasthan which means Land of Kings. Their effective combat techniques and weapons have been adopted by many communities.  The Medieval Indian Rajput depicted in the show ended with the Mughal Empire beginning in the 1500s. The Mughals brought gunpower weapons to India and their strict Islamic laws changed much of Indian society, eventually leading to the Islamic populations that later formed modern Pakistan.

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