Beauty.. and Her Words

You light my world; just as the sun lights the world. Look around. It's more than just scenic, it's more than just a view. I look towards the sky as the clouds move and the sky bends. The color is no more than your hands moving across canvas with every brush stroke. The lights that you put there glimmered, gleamed, shined with a meaning. How can i word it perfectly so that you notice; how do i show that it is more than just the sight. Maybe, i just want to believe, maybe i just want to know, that it is all okay. It is all going to be okay. and it was all just a dream. I find myself running away from the emotions that chase me down, wanting to consume every being i have left. A rehearsal that is practiced everyday, running away from depression. We treat depression as it can be remedied by the words that enter one ear and exit out the other. Repetition, day after wretched day, do we become consumed by thought. It Kills I look at the ground, notice the patterns that go unnoticed just as the days do. Because we are consumed by what is said to do, and why it has to be done. Because we are trampled by impressions of what we are supposed to be by the standards of those who educate us, who fund our knowledge. The pain metastasizes in places other than the heart. We could not bare the pain, so much agony, we go through more than what is said we will go through. I was not notified of it. Now, it hurts to know, it hurts to see, it hurts to feel. I want to heal; i want to be. The sight was always enough to kill me, the words were enough for me to jump off the edge. As i got ready to leap, her words jumped from the sky that took a form. She was beautiful, she was lovely, she was everything. I heard, i heard, i saw, i saw, i felt it all and i had not the balls to say how beautiful she was and how much i wanted to have her. She was more than just beautiful, she had more than just the looks, she had no flaws, from my point of view. She had a personality that spun circles like the sun, amazing. She was all i had dreamt if, she was all that i had hope for. Getting up just to know i hadn't jumped. As i stood slowly, as i walked towards her, she slowly drifted away. I ran, I ran, I ran and I ran! Just before i lost sight, a tear rolled down her face, falling with me. I made it, i made it, i made it, I am fading. No, not her, I. I looked at your face, i looked at your face, i looked at your face and screamed at the top of my lungs "THAT IS BEAUTY!" The words echoed through out my head like the repetition of this poems stanzas. As i looked at your face, all i could think, all i could think, ALL I COULD THINK. She. Her. Wow. All--l I could think, was how amazing, wow! You, You, Your, words were beautiful, even when they told me to fuck off. Your, Your, lips so perfect i could kiss them even if they'd hate it. I will be sorry for letting go, i will be sorry for letting go. I will be in more agony, than i had ever been, looking at you fills my heart. It Pains me to see that much go to waste, the love i had, the love i had for you will never be forgotten my dear. I done know what to do, i'm caught in thoughts of you, i think about the day and how the beauty repeats itself the next day. I want you to know. I love you, from here to the earth. HJFS

I wouldn't be able to fit what i want you guys to know on here.
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