She Taught Me About Life

The times that we spend together are endless amounts of fun and experience, the times that we fought through tough days and made it through gave me motivation everyday, I remember I was new to dating, the rating of my experience was below average, never the less it would've never mattered because you didn't care, you were willing to teach me life outside my view, intertwined with your perception and the reception of the reality show was like perfect satellite signal, it's in HD but the effects are so real, I've learned a lot just by sticking around you, you are the teacher that never needed a degree because you knew it all, my ways of the past affected my opportunities in my future, you took me in and told me that it was going to be okay, your soft touch and soft lips eased away the thoughts of the past and created pathways in the future, When you hold me as I am feeling down, it eases my soul, cleansing away what remnants that was left there after so much anger and sadness, when I wanted to give up and leave, you said "No. If you turn your back now then why are you here? Baby, I got your back. I'll be there for you. Its going to be hard but we will get through. There are only two people in this world: Winners and Losers. I would be crazy to not support you and not be your replacement leg whenever you can not run any longer! You're too good to give up and give in!" She said those exact words to me before she looked me in the eyes with her beautiful brown eyes and gave me a kiss of hope, from then on I knew she was the one, she know I needed help with myself so she stay with me and taught me about life, I owe myself to her because without the queen, I wouldn't be a humble king

A college student with the idea of spreading love and peace throughout the context of words.
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