The Soundtrack to Life Announcement!!!

It seems like I'm apologizing at the start of most of my cards these days, but I seriously am sorry I'm not getting this done more often.

Okay so its been a little while since we had a new playlist chalenge out, our last challenge came from our friend@christy so a big thanks to her for her awesome challenge idea :)

Our new challenge is a really good one from another of our wonderful K-pop Community Members@Ambie I'm sure your going to love it ^^

The challenge this time around is a playist of songs by artists you feel are underrated, so I'm feeling this may not be quite as difficult, just a lot of fun, and a chance to show everyone some great artists they may not be aware of :D

So get your thinking caps on people, and I look forwardto all of your lists ^^

Don't forget to link both me @MattK95) and@Ambie in your cards so we dont miss them :D

Remember you don't have to use only Korean artists, there are some great groups and solo artists from other countries as well, and they deserve just as much attention, lets just try and keep it within the Asian countries :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask :D

@danidee@kpopandkimchi@Ambie@Christy@nenegrint14@aabxo@honeysoo@chasinghapiness@shashae5296@lollipopdollie@Cryomorph@snowinseoul@KpopJunkiesTV@GraceDowns97@TaehyungKey@PassTheSuga@Allyphernelia@sherrysahar@callmekaren@Aero2042@Toykopop@NanaSomon@jiggzy19 I just tagged everyone I could think of at the time, feel free to do this even if I didn't challenge you, and by the same token, feel free to ignore my challenge if you want to :D

You can also challenge your friends by tagging them in the comments ^^

Last thing I want to mention is a new game that we are working on!!! You'll get to compete with each other and it should be pretty awesome so look for that soon :)

K-Pop, anime, video games, music, writing, and friendship #4D ^^
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