This was quite the fun prompt response to write! Everything is purely fictional, though, but also enjoyable. This is a quick response to@greggr 's prompt:Your job is to make celebrities lose their fame.

“I heard this was the place to get…defamed?”

I halted my furious tapping and looked up from my laptop. My lips curled into a small smile. “Miss Carina Royals, you arrived sooner than anticipated.” The glitzed out singer stared back behind her huge sunglasses. “You were…” she hesitated. “…expecting me?” “But of course.” I gave a grin and pulled up her file on my laptop. “A young girl turned celebrity too soon, you would’ve ended up here some time in your life. I had you pegged for early to mid-20s, so it’s a bit surprising that at 19 you’ve already gotten tired of the high life.” I glanced down at the screen. “Having begun your singing career at 14 after being discovered on TV-Me through a homemade singing channel, I can understand that you’re getting a bit exhausted. You had such a quick shoot to fame too, rising to the top of the billboard with only 3 original songs available to the public. I suppose 5 years is as good as any to get sick of the popularity.” I motioned for the star to sit in one of the floral armchairs resting in front of my desk. She did so a bit reluctantly, as if unsure whether I was really the real deal or a scam in line with the tabloids. “Rest assured Miss Royals, I’m the real deal. Ask Sara Alderford or Caleb Stanton or even Dustin Yeager.” This caught the girl’s attention. “Dustin Yeager? The huge rock star from decades back?” “Mhm.” “My mom has all of his CDs and even old posters and T-shirts that he autographed stashed in boxes in her room.” “Why’d she stop listening to him?” I asked casually. “I think he died or something. An accident or something.” I gave another grin. “That’s what you think.” The singer gave me a confused look before it began to click. “You don’t mean…” “Well,” I began. “Don’t attribute it to me. That was my father’s work, bless his soul, and as this is the family business, I still have Dustin Yeager’s papers. If you need proof, I can pull out a copy for you.” She didn’t seem to hear me. “No way. No way, that’s impossible! Dustin Yeager was a phenomenal legend! He was na – no, not even – internationally known! You can’t just expect to yank someone like that off their pedestal and not have any questions by the public. The only way that’s possible is through death. No…you didn’t fake his death did you??” The girl began to panic, fearing what might be done to her. “Calm down, no, we didn’t fake his death. We used our methods to slide him out from the public’s eye.” “How…?” “Don’t worry for the same method can and will be used on you if you so choose to continue with your defaming.” The singer looked nervous for a second, as if she wasn’t really sure she wanted to go through with it after all. “After…after the process is complete, I’ll be able to live a normal life?” “A relatively normal one. Of course, you can’t pretend as if these past 5 years never happened, but you’ll be gone from public eye.” “No more tabloids? Paparazzi? Criticism? Lack of privacy?” “None of that anymore.” “I won’t get any stalkers at my front door anymore? Or strangers taking pictures in front of my face? Or constant messages about why in the world did I wear that shirt with those pants or that hat with those shoes or that necklace with those earrings???” “I promise you, those will be problems of the past.” For the first time since she stepped into the office, Miss Carina Royals looked relieved. “Alright, so that’s it then. I’ll do it,” she huffed proudly. “Is there any paperwork? Something I need to sign?” “For today, nothing at all.” I stood up from my leather chair. “I’ll set up an appointment where we can do regular consultations and I’ll give you the proper forms then. As for the first date…can you come back in 7 days? Everything should be ready by then.” Miss Carina Royals stood up. “Of course. Anything. Yes.” I leaned over and held out my hand. She shook it with a brisk eagerness. “I’ll see you then, then.” The to-be-defamed singer nodded quickly and gave me a grateful smile. Then she turned around on her silver stiletto heels and sashayed briskly out the door. I smiled and settled back down into my seat. Carina Royals…another client in the bag.

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