Easter Egg Silhouette - Mod Podge DIY

Turn your Easter eggs into old-fashioned silhouettes. From the inspired pages of Jenn Erickson's website, RookNo17.com, she shares this awesome tutorial on how to create eggs with a touch of nostalgia.



White tissue paper (ironed flat if it's wrinkly)

Silhouette images (Free images available at The Graphics Fairy)

A sheet of copy paper

A glue stick


Mod Podge

Paint brush

A plastic loyalty club card (similar to a credit card for refining the image)


1. Find images that you like (Free from TheGraphicsFairy.com) and resize to about 2" into a word-processing document. 2. Run your glue stick along the top edge of a piece of copy paper. 3. Lay a piece of tissue paper on top and press to adhere along the glue line. 4. Trim tissue paper so that it is the same size as the copy paper. Feed in to printer so that document will print on the tissue side (glue end first).

5. Print silhouette document using a "DRAFT" setting. (This will avoid saturating the tissue with too much ink, which could bleed later in the process.)

6. Cut a silhouette from the tissue paper, trimming right to the edges with just a slight white border. 7. Brush Mod Podge of the section of the egg where the silhouette will be applied. Apply tissue silhouette, upside down so that the ink side contacts with the glue and egg. 8. Brush Mod Podge on to of the tissue silhouette, using the brush to flatten the tissue and work out any air bubbles or wrinkles. (You can also use a finger, gently, to smooth out the tissue. Don't get discouraged over a few wrinkles; it's okay. Those will get buffed out later.) 9. When Mod Podge has dried, use the edge of an old loyalty card to smooth out any remaining wrinkles.

I would love to hear about how you were able to make these elegant Easter eggs. Almost every year my family goes to the SouthSide Easter parade. It's not elaborate, but it is tradition. What Easter tradition do you love to do every year?

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