A Water Bottle Designed Specifically For Your Jersey Pocket

Have you ever wanted an extra bottle of water for an extra long ride when two bottles just isn't enough? What about when you are going mountain biking, but don't want to bring along a hydration pack?

Well, if you've ever tried to stuff a regular water bottle in your jersey pocket you probably noticed it doesn't fit all that well. It's uncomfortable and in my experience it feels clunky.

Brian Davis set out to create a water bottle that is specifically designed to go in your back pocket, he calls it the BackBottle. The thing looks pretty nifty in my opinion.

Davis is currently funding the development of the BackBottle via Kickstarter. He expects to begin delivery of these US$10 back-friendly bottles by May.

The BackBottle design is devised to ease entry and exit from a jersey pocket. The bottom is pointed and angled to make it easy to slip into a pocket and it has contours designed to alleviate pressure on the rider’s back and keep the bottle from shifting around. It also has a ridge intended to decrease the likelihood of accidentally ejecting a bottle from your jersey. The BackBottle holds 18oz / .53l of fluid in a BPA-free bottle.

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