Katy Perry Launches Official 'Left Shark' Onesie Pajamas -- Would You Buy Them?

Since the Super Bowl early last month, countless people have been searching high and low for the shark costumes worn by Katy Perry's dancers during the half-time show. Brands like Bonobos, a popular men's retailer, even launched a Kickstarter to get people to donate money to their efforts to recreate the costume for international retail sales. This eventually got shut down by Katy's 'people' for copyright reasons, and it seemed like all hope was lost.

Until, that is, March 2nd, when Katy Perry went to Twitter to announce the launch of the official Katy Perry Left Shark Onesie:

Katy Perry's official online store

That's right. $130.

Personally, $130 seems a little steep for what you're getting. I think I would much rather save my money and sew together something like this superfan's awesome(?) Left Shark cosplay.

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