Red Beauty

Fashion at it's best. Remember Fashion Forward is Fashion to Think about. Here is an example. It took me 3 years working at Coach to really get a feel for Fashion. And seeing how different everyone was when buying a handbag really showed me, that we all have different ideas of Fashion. So when I say Fashion Forward is Fashion to Think about. I'm saying, not everyones fashion is going to be the same going forward, so think about what they see fashionable and compare. It will surprise you how quickly you will start to see through their eyes. Now, on to the Red Beauty! It's a different and yet vintage piece. It has a classic hollywood look and a vintage mom bag look. Absolutely enjoy looking at this handbag. Hint: Looking! I'm not buying, but I'm giving it the recognition of being a wanted handbag. Be Happy, Ariel R. Fancy Exclusive BUMI Handbag by BU Wood

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