Tips from Ivanka Trump

I recently read a small piece in People Magazine, where Ivanka Trump gives a few tips about dressing and your career. These are the ones I particularly enjoyed. "Keep hair and makeup simple. I never want my appearance to distract from my work. I love natural makeup with a blowout, low chignon or a slick ponytail. These styles give you the freedom to experiment with your outfit but still looking put together" "Set goals. Think about things you want to achieve in both the short- and long- term. Without the former, you can't get to the latter" "Experiment with trends in smaller ways. Mix in bold colors and details like burgundy, leather and baroque embellishments on bags, shoes, collars and more. They can all be work-appropriate if you integrate them sparingly" "Use social media wisely. Never post anything you wouldn't want your boss to see. My HR department always goes on Twitter and Facebook to see what prospective employees are doing. On the flip side, when you're interviewing, you can use these sites to learn a little about your employer ans spark the conversation!" (Source: People Magazine November 2012)

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