The ones we lose forever missed

It's when the truth comes out, The lights turned out. I love you. The time fades, And memories stay. I miss you. Hear my prayers, Help me through. I need you. The time we've lost, Is what I need most. I'll never forget you. When the lights fades, And the smiles disappear. In that moment I fear. The fear of myself, What can I do? Who am I? What does my future entail? My fears over flow, Leaves me clawing at my skin. Harming the scared girl I am. The pictures I drew, Helped me get through. Across my thigh, You caused my high. What's wrong with me? Why did things have to change? God, I miss you. You gave me my smile. You brightened the room. My best friend. Why do the good people leave? Which flower do you choose? The best ones. God does the same.

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