Moments We Remember: The Pinnacle in Pasadena

The US got the right to host the 1999 Women's World Cup and eventually made it to the final game in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl to face a surprise Chinese team that took out some of the best teams in the world to make it.

A stale but then growing match finished 0-0, and the World Cup was to be decided on penalty kicks. After trading penalties in the opening 2 rounds, Scurry would manage to block away the third Chinese penalty to give the US an advantage. The US would make penalties 3 & 4 while the Chinese would make their 4th and 5th.

Up stepped Brandi Chastain, the same player that scored an own goal that almost eliminated the US earlier in the knockout round. As she buried the penalty, the photo of her celebration became famous and the US would celebrate their first ever World Cup title.

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