DIY: Studded Plaid Shirt

Now this is a DIY that has been done many times before, but I do not believe it has been done on Vingle and I haven't had the chance to do it... So here it is! While studs are just simply awesome, it is important to place them appropriately based on the shirt you are planning to stud. For example, here I have a plaid shirt that I purchased for $8 at a Goodwill. Because it is a man's shirt and because plaid is typically masculine, I thought that studding the pocket would add a further masculine yet trendy touch to the shirt. I will show how I style it later. But for now, how to do it yourself! What you will need: 1. Free time 2. Studs of your choice. I did gold and black for this top because I love gold and also because I could add a few more in black without it being overwhelming. If you do switch back and forth from silver to gold jewelry I suggest black studs. 3. A butter knife 4. chipped nails- this will ruin your nails so if you just got your nails done then do not do this. -Place the studs where you would like them to be to get an idea. For the pocket, I started with the four corners... kind of like a puzzle. Poke the stud through the shirt and turn the shirt inside out to see the spokes that have been poked through and use the butter knife (or any hard edge) to turn the spokes downward, back into the fabric slightly. Sorry I do not have photos of the actual process, but the idea is simple! I will also show how to stud a more feminine shirt soon. Enjoy!
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