The Center of the Pop World: Sweden

Sweden has been pumping out solid pop groups for centuries (or, decades) and I wanted to share my favorite groups with you.

I am always surprised by how much Swedish music I listen to, and even more surprised by how little other people listen to. Tell me I'm not alone in this world!!! (Swedes, you don't count lol)

From the 80s to present day - Swedish pop is the best mood booster I know of!


Alright, truth be told I'm not a huge fan of ABBA but you can't deny that Mamma Mia will pick you up no matter how down in the dumps you feel.

Icona Pop

Icona Pop is one of my favorite electronic-pop duos out there right now. Their beats are infectious and their happy-go-lucky attitudes are contagious!


My childhood!!! The 90s was filled with Upside Down, Can't Help Falling in Love, and of course Dancing Queen. Plus their outfits were ALWAYS on point.


If you haven't started listening to NONONO, please start now. Their music is incredible and will get stuck in your head in the least annoying way possible.

The Cardigans

This is one of those songs that I always used to hear and think "who is this by?!" until I finally wrote it down and made a point of remembering. The Cardigans are the perfect lazy pop group and I bet you can already sing along to this chorus.


Who doesn't love ninja-fighting Swedish super girls?! I don't know how these girls didn't get more attention outside of that one Mary-Kate and Ashley movie they were in. They were true girl-power pop!

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