You Are Who You Train With

The person you work out with, diet with, or just pledge to be healthier with can define your fitness experience. Your friend can be your favorite person on earth, but the worst diet partner ever.

You need someone to encourage you, let you cheat only a tiny bit, push you to the next level, and most of all keep your spirits up. It is so much harder to quit something if you have someone by your side encouraging you to keep going. Be it a personal trainer who is with you every step of the way or just a coworker who you're eating healthy lunches with for the month of March.

For those of us who don't like to workout alone, here are some tips on choosing the right partner for you -

What to look for in a training partner:

1. Consistency - They aren't bailing on you!

2. Drive - They won't let a little rain or soreness get in the way of their goals

3. A sense of adventure - They're the first to suggest trying a new class or machine!

4. Similar goals - Don't train with someone who wants to bulk up when you want to lose inches

5. A good kind of competitive - Just enough competition is good, you don't want someone rubbing it in your face that they've lost more weight than you have, etc.

6. Similar schedules - When planning a gym date is hard that becomes one more excuse not to work out.

7. A good attitude - They should be cheering you (and themselves) on!

Take all these into account and them remember, you're their partner too. You need to be all of these things (supportive, caring, and driven) for your partner as well!

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