The Types Girls You Meet in the Gym

There are very few places on planet Earth that are capable of bringing out the most colorful people you'll ever meet more than your local gym, training facility, health club or fitness center.

Here are the 5 types of girls you can see at any gym today, in no particular order.

Cardio Bunnies

Those perky people with the high ponytails and the effortless smiles that crowd the ellipticals, treadmills, and stair climbers. Their workout attire is always on point and I swear they travel in packs. Do they even sweat!?

Sauna Queens

Possibly my favorite people (only because I used to be one) The girls who do a minimum workout and then hit the sauna and steam room. If you aren't accepted into the club yet, prepare for some sizing up before you're inducted into the gossip circle.

"Hold On - Let Me Take a Selfie" Girls

The girls that lift a weight or two, maybe walk on the treadmill (while texting or updating Facebook) and snaps a cute mirror pic to prove they're hard at work. I'm all for taking pictures to show off your progress, but be sure you're actually working out ladies!!

Fit Girls




I'm the girl in the back of your yoga class or on the elliptical next to you with her music too loud, and grubby not-super-cute gym clothes. I might seem like I am not up for talking but I am definitely ready to bond over the bad TV, how sore I am from last yoga class, or to just laugh at the ridiculous guys lifting weights.


Pilates, food, and fun.
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