Her inner world - a world of extremes. Incredibly complex, yet pathetically naive. She sees the details to the smallest in everything and then denies most of them, wanting things to be flowing and flawless. Showing no mercy to what she perceives as mistakes, except for those which seem to her as marks of authenticity. She hates the artificial and the made up, yet she wants everything to be polished and perfected. Only few people can see how all of that can coexist within one small lady. Those are the ones who admire her. The rest just misunderstand and resent her for that. The dancers of the Batsheva dance company resented her. Especially after Bat Sheva practically forced them to perform two dances that she choreographed. Her relationships with the dancers were at an impasse, and on top of that, Bat Sheva and Martha had a bitter quarrel. Martha was struggling with the decline of her dancing career and was in a very bad mood. She was against the establishment of the Bat Dor school of dance from the beginning, and her considerations were not entirely professional. She was jealous of the growing affection of Bat Sheva to her. She was too naive back then to see it, but she is certain about that now. But what did she feel? They are going to ask, and she doesn't know what to answer. Oh, emotions! those mysterious little creatures in a dark forest... Can she tell them how for the first time in her life, there was someone to help her pick up the pieces when she was falling apart? to see and accept all the good and bad in her without passing judgment? to make her laugh? to allow her to act silly? will they be able to understand when their role is to judge and consider? What does the law say about a relationship that defied all standard definitions? Her lawyer calls. She doesn't have to go to the court today. They agreed to reach an agreement.

God gave me a pen and asked me what do I want to write. I am still writing the answer.
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