01. Letter (2009)

Dear you,

How cliche that I,

thief of your lies,

have come back only to repeat them?

Many times over,

Ten times worse,

I lie

I lie

I bite my tongue

And swallow the vowels

Still I lie.

Dear you,

You need love.

You need me.

You need you.

You need someone.

You need something.

You need control.

You need substance.

You need addiction.

You need obsession.

You need truth,

and yet,

I lie.

Dear you,

No lies.

No lies.

No lies.

My silent mantra to myself,

swallowing the words I'd regret most.

Again and again, or else I'll lose you

to your past ways

to your past mistakes

to your inability to live without

to your inability to go without affection.

I lie, and I'll lose you.

Dear you,

You trust me,

I know that,

you do.

You deserve so much more than this.

You deserve more than the

half swallowed,

half stuttered,

always regretted,

words plagiarized from your own lies.

Dear you,

I lied.

Authors note:

I wrote this mini-series of letters back in 2009 (that feels so much more recent than it is!) So, enjoy! I didn't edit them or anything, but I still quite like the way they flow.

Am I a writer? Still deciding..
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