SHINee Unleash “Your Number” PV (Dance Version)

After a long wait, SHINee is back in Japan with a new single titled “Your Number”! Their music video has been revealed and we can see the change they’ve made from their usual SHINee style. The boys are in black and white suits and are showing off their choreography in different settings. We see them mesmerized by the woman walking around. The course repeats “Can I get your number,” which is definitely a line that you will be caught unconsciously singing.The track has finally been revealed in Japan. The video states that this is the black version so another version is expected to be released soon. Check out the dance version of the music video now! ------------------------------------------ Wow. Can I just point out how suave they are looking in this video? I mean if they came up to me like that, whether they broke out in song or not, I'd hand them my number! So after all of this: "Can I have your name and number?" c;

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