Tyra Banks Makes You More Awesome

Tyra and I have a love-hate relationship where she annoys the hell out of me and then says something brilliant that I want to write on my wall. These tidbits of wisdom are the two scenes I remember most from ANTM. and I wanted to share them here with you to hopefully start your week out on a good note.

Anyone else have some Tyra inspiration?

Homophobia and the Fashion Industry

I had stopped watching America's Next Top Model by this season, but this clip was somehow brought to my attention and I was glad to see Tyra hadn't stopped using this show as much more than a model competition. Her little tidbits of wisdom were really what kept me watching for as many seasons as I did.

In this instance, one male model shames another model for being gay, saying that he had nothing against the other man personally, but he thought that gay male models give straight male models a bad name - whatever that means. Tyra puts it into perspective for him starting at 3:27.

Taking Responsibility for Yourself

There are many times when I have brushed off disappoint or said that I didn't care simply because I didn't want to seem like I was hurt. Tyra takes another approach and says that you shouldn't need to shrug anything off, you need to take the disappointment, make a change, and take responsibility for it. You control your own life and you can make the changes you want to see in yourself.

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