I Miss You (Korean Drama) Ep.5-LIVE Recap

Last time, the news which SY died announced. But She's alive actually waiting for JW. Will JW come for her? Let's see! In the meanwhile, SH asks help to his friend. He gives the criminal's calling record, and a man recognize a phone number in it. And EJ, SH's daughter, cares for JW. She takes him to her home to give a shelter. Reaching there, JW comes to see a scribbles 'I miss you' on the wall which SY wrote. He was waiting for EJ come out, then suddenly SY's mom cries and hit him. "My daughter, SY, died because of you! How dare u come here..! Take her to me..take her to me..!", she says. SH sees JW is depressed waiting for SY. SH sings a song to encourage him. In the meanwhile, HM made false identification to runaway to other country from TJ. Hyeong Jun insists to take SY together there, and they're about to leave. At that time, SH gets to the place where they're staying and chases them. He sees SY is in a car and chases continually, but has some problem in driving. Breaking doesn't work and SH gets accident. Eventually he dies and JW promise to himself that he gonna find SY instead of SH. Time flies from that and it's 2012. JW's still finding SY. He traces ppl who was related with SY's kidnapping and tries to solve the problem. He sees a man who assulted SY sexually. He says "I have nth to tell you. You didn't still find her? Well, it's sad..she was pretty one.." JW gets mad, hearing his saying. "See? I became detective to kill u legally. I've waited though I wanted to kill u. U have three days until releasing, huh? I will kill u, so don't die without my permission.", JW says. He goes to Myeong Hee's home. (She's SY's mom.) He lives with MH and EJ. He imagines he's seeing SY. "SY, r u smiling? I'm gonna be mad..I will wait until today..until today. I'm gonna be really mad..", he says alone. In the meanwhile, SY lives in france with HJ. She's designer and prepares for a show. JW is investigating an accident in which a women died swimming. There, he sees SY's pic but he doesn't recognize it's SY. JW calls to the women's guardian, and it's HJ. He goes to home in Seoul to see the accident exactly and SY also goes there. There, JW sees a women who is standing without umbrella. He realizes she's SY and says "Stop..!" Preview of Ep.6) "My name is JW", he says to SY. SY says "Hey, JW.." JW says "Would u call my name once again..?"

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