Leonardo DiCaprio Saves 'The Loneliest Whale'

Alright so he didn't save the whale necessarily, but he did save the documentary that will tell this lonely creatures tale!

Adrian Grenier and Joshua Zeman started a Kickstarter in order to fund their documentary about the Lonliest Whale aka the whale that speaks a language that no other whale understands.

The whale is also called '52' because he has been swimming around all his life calling out on a frequency of 52 hertz which no other whale can understand. This whale, it is believed, has lived its entire life alone but still is calling out to others. Sadly, according to marine experts, this whale’s calls will never be heard by others of its species.

The documentary makers were $30k short of their goal with time running out, but then hero and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio jumps in with his check book. He gave them $50k so that the documentary can be made and hopefully be released later this year!

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