St. Patrick Lotto Fever - DIY


Black ink pad

Rubber letter stamps

Rubber Shamrock stamp


Lottery ticket/scratcher

Washi tape


Scoring/folding plate (optional)


1. Cut your card stock into 9" x 3" in strips.

2. Score each strip at 1" and 5 1/2".

3. Stamp your phrase and shamrock on the front of the card and secure a shiny penny with a strip of washi tape.

4. Next, fold the 1" flap up at the scored line and staple the lottery ticket inside that fold (make sure to staple the part of the ticket you don’t scratch off.). The large flap will fold down over the lotto ticket and tuck inside the smaller stapled fold just like a matchbook.

5. Stamp a shamrock to the front after it's closed.

If you don't have a scoring/folding plate, don't worry. The device makes your crafting projects fast and professional-looking. But, it's not a big deal for this project.


Not all lottery tickets fit into the dimensions of this project. Simply adjust the measurements to fit any lottery ticket you choose.

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