Dog Loses 75 percent of His Body Weight

A 6-year-old, a miniature dachshund, has been given a new life. Dennis who loves to chase squirrels and birds has come a long way from June 2013, when the 56-pound dog was able to walk only a few feet before needing to stop for breath.

“I’ve seen this depressed little dog blossom into a spunky little spitfire,” said the Chamberlain College of Nursing student and now Dennis' mom, Brooke Burton.

Burton rescued Dennis from a relative who had fed the dog a diet of burgers, pizza, ramen noodles and other human foods.

Dennis was put on a strict diet of dry dog food and walks.His weight dropped so much that folds of skin hung off him — to the point that he stumbled on them when walking.

Dr. Kathleen Ham, an assistant professor in the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, performed the first surgery to remove excess skin, in December 2013.

These days, the fit and trim Dennis weighs 12 pounds.The dog lost a total of 44, including 2 pounds of excess skin.

“That’s an epidemic problem in this country,” said Ham. “People love their pets and feed them. They’re not going to live long if you feed them like that.”

“I show him I love him through taking proper care of him,” she said — “not through White Castle burgers and pizza.”

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