Autograph : Lyda Borelli (1884 – 1959, Italy)

The mid-1910s saw a flourishing of Italian diva films. For a long time forgotten or overshadowed, the fact has slowly re-edged its way into the consciousness of more and more movie-goers around the world.

In 1999, Dutch filmmaker Peter Delpeut made a stunningly beautiful found-footage film "Diva Dolorosa" and, since then, numerous retrospective studies or events confirmed the importance of the genre (of which Francesca Bertini, Pina Menichelli and Lyda Borelli were of the first generation). It's been a long time coming but I finally got my hands on this. Dedicated to Rodrigues? in 1917 or 1919? The problem is that her hand-writing is too hard to read…

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