My Underrated Music list

This was a hard one I must say But I actually really enjoyed doing this one a lot getting to know these underrated superb music videos was bang on amazing. :-D All these bands are amazing and surely talented I love Every single song in this list and it just makes me sad that these videos songs and artists as much recognition appreciation as they deserve, well they all are superb i hope you will all like them 2. Thanks soooo much@jiggzy19 and@MattK495 for this great opportunity. ok now to the list 1) Sonamoo ( Deja Vu) 2)BTL_ Too G 3)Lu:Kus (So in To u) 4)M4M (Sadness) 5)Speed (It was my fault) 6)MIB (Bounce) 7)4Men (Erase) 8)The Alphabet 9)History (Psycho) Enjoy all. :-)

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