Twiggy's Eye Makeup Tutorial

Twiggy's inspired color-block fashion

Learn it from the "It Girl"

The image above is actually a magazine scan of Twiggy's actually eyes. If we're going to learn how to master the doll eyes we have to learn it from the best - Twiggy.

Prep: Light Shadow

This is optional but you can use a pearly white or light shade of shadow over the lids to minimize darkness.

Step 1: Crease

With a small angled shadow, outline the natural crease of your eyes with a dark brown, grey or black shadow.

Step 2: Eyeliner

Wet your eyeliner brush and run it across a black shadow to turn it into a gel consistency then outline your eyes.

Step 3: Lashes

This step is crucial to get the Twiggy look. Apply long falsies on your upper lashes to illuminate your eyes. Then brush a coat or two of mascara on over the false lashes and lower lashes.

Step 4: Paint Lower Lashes

To dramatize your eyes and to create the authentic Twiggy look you need to paint on lower lashes with a liquid liner. This is a little tricky and it's better to start at the outer edge and work your way to the center. the best thing to do is make starting point using dots and then create the lines. Longer at the edge and shorter as you reach the inner corner of the eyes.

If you're feeling a little adventurous play with eye shadow colors. Twiggy loves using baby blue to make her eyes stand out.

That's the end of Twiggy's eye makeup tutorial!

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