Wen m not der anymore.. :)

Someday wen I wont b der anymore.. Someplace were u wont b able to reach me.. Wen I will still be fresh in ur memories.. I wil stil feel there was lot more for us to see.. Wen I will be in ur heart more as a feelin.. And touching me will just be a part of ur fantasy.. Wen our moments together will be d only reality.. I will still want to scratch ur head to make it easy.. Time from wer I cannot return to ur embrace.. Wen your eyes will search for my face.. Place from were I can only stay buried in d grave.. I will still like to visit u n see our life in ur eyes.. Wen life wudnt alow u to hold my hand.. New memories will be difficult to make.. Duties wil make you weak to carry on.. I will still believe in u to always give not take.. I will still feel ur love.. I will still believe ur smile.. I will still see ur twinkling eyes.. I will still walk wid u evry mile..:-)

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